Paul Adenot

Picture of Paul


  • Fall 2011 : Student at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Computer Science & and Music speech and hearing deparments.
  • 2009-2012 : Student at INSA de Lyon engineering school, France, computer sciences and IT department (Master of engineering).
  • 2007-2009 : Student at IUT de Clermont-Ferrand, France, computer sciences department (BSC with honors).
  • 2007: A level in Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Mention bien.


  • Programming language : C++, C, Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, shell scripts.
  • Software Libraries : Various audio and database libraries, as well as GUI design libraries (and Qt).
  • Various programming software (IDE, text editors, compilers, debuggers).
  • Extensive knowledge of UNIX system administration (Linux, MacOSX Server) and programming (Linux), kernel programming (Linux).
  • Processing, PureData, Max/MSP.


  • Since October 2012: Software engineer at Mozilla Corporation in Paris, France.
  • April to September 2012 (6 months): Intenship at Mozilla Corporation in Mountain View, CA, USA. Worked on media code, layout, graphics.
  • Summer 2011 (4 months) : Internship at Mozilla Europe in Paris, France. Worked on <audio> and <video> elements (C++, Mozilla technologies, Javascript).
  • Summer 2010 (3 months) : Internship at LIRIS Laboratory at INSA de Lyon, France, in the Databases team. Design and implementation of a query engine for data streams, using standard SQL syntax (C++, Boost, GNU/Linux).
  • Summer 2009 (3 months) : Internship at ODS-Petrodata at Aberdeen (Scotland). Design and development of a decentralized file sharing solution. (C++, GNU/Linux).
  • Spring 2010 (2 months) : Team project : design and implementation of a convolution reverberation plug-in. (C++, Juce, VSTSDK).
  • September 2010 — May 2011 : System administrator at BdE Insa de Lyon (student Union). Leader of a team of 7 persons. Server administration, various programming tasks, and user interaction (MacOSX, Apache2, LDAP).


  • Long time {classical, electric, bass} guitar player. Music production, audio engineering.
  • Former president of a free-software association (GPL, at INSA de Lyon). Conferences, install parties, and various events.
  • Cycling, skiing, cooking.